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 Tigerloop™ Piping

Tigerloop™ - Piping Diagram

Piping the Tigerloop™

1. The Tigerloop™ must be securely mounted vertically as shown in the diagram.

UL requires a fusible valve be installed in the center port of the Tigerloop™.

3. Never install any device (shut-off valve, check valve, filter, etc.) in the oil lines between the Tigerloop™ and the pump.
4. If an oil filter is used (recommended), it must be installed in the oil line between the tank and the center port of the Tigerloop™.
5. The pump must be set for "two pipe" operation (ie. by-pass plug installed).
6. If the tank is above the Tigerloop™, an oil safety valve (OSV) is recommended.
7. One Tigerloop™ for each burner.


 Tigerloop Nylo-Flex™
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