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 T15 Vacuum View

"Vacuum View" Suction Line Analyzer

"Vacuum View" Suction Line Analyzer


Analyze suction line problems (ie. air leaks, restrictions, dirt, etc.) using this clear tubing service tool. Vacuum gauge liquid dampens pulsation allowing precise measurement and protects gauge from hydraulic shock damage. Actually see what's happening inside that problem suction line!
  Thick wall clear tubing withstands vacuum - does not collapse
  Brass construction with stainless steel tubing clamps
  Fits popular 3/8" and 1/2" suction line fittings
  Premium Liquid Filled Gauge
  Gauge range 0 - 30" Hg
  Easy-to-follow instructions

W/P no. Description
T15 Complete analyzer w/case, adaptor fittings and instructions
T15-1 Adaptor fittings for 1/2" suction line (2)
T15-2 Replacement clear tubing w/clamps
S100-290 Replacement Liquid Filled 0-30" Hg. Vacuum Gauge



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