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 T11 FITZ-ALL Pump Tester

T11 "FITZ-ALL" Oil Burner Pump Tester

"FITZ-ALL" Oil Burner Pump Tester


Precisely sets pump pressure and checks cut-off with accuracy not possible using non-liquid filled gauges. Gauge liquid dampens pulsation allowing precise measurement and protects gauge from hydraulic shock damage. Choose between pressure measurement and cut-off test with just the turn of the knob - no disconnecting!
  Quick-connect fittings require only finger tightening
  Brass construction with color coded hoses
  Fits popular 3/16" and 1/4" nozzle line fittings
  Includes Riello Adaptor
  Premium Liquid Filled Gauge
  Gauge range 0 - 300 PSI
  Easy-to-follow instructions (instruction sheet)

W/P no. Description
T11 Complete tester w/case, quick-connect fittings and instructions
T11-3 Replacement adaptors for T11 tester, (2) 3/16" X 1/4" flare, (1) Riello
T11-4 Replacement rubber quick-connect seals (gaskets) for T11 tester, Pkg. of 12
T11-5 Replacement hose set (2 color coded hoses w/fittings) for T11 tester
S100-280 Replacement Liquid Filled 0-300 PSI Pressure Gauge



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