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T25 VAC-PROBE Oil Line Access Port

VAC-PROBE Oil Line Access Port

Allows access to oil lines without opening or disconnecting fittings. Installed in place of the center bolt on the line filter it allows not only vacuum tests to be made quickly and neatly but also affords easy access to the fuel system for pump priming and connection of a temporary oil line (run outs).
Quickly and neatly access fuel system without disconnecting fittings!
  Liquid filled gauge dampens pulsation allowing precise measurement and protects gauge from hydraulic shock damage
Models for all popular line filters
W/P no. Description
T25 Vac-Probe Kit, (1) Vacuum gauge, (4) Vac-Probes-1 ea.
T25-1 Vac-Probe w/gauge for small General 1A style filters
T25-2 Vac-Probe No. T25-1, less gauge
T25-3 Vac-Probe w/gauge for large General 2A style filters
T25-4 Vac-Probe No. T25-3, less gauge
T25-5 Vac-Probe w/gauge for Fulflo FB4, FB6, FB8, FB10
T25-6 Vac-Probe No. T25-5, less gauge
T25-7 Vac-Probe w/gauge for Firomatic C-40, C-50
T25-8 Vac-Probe No. T25-7, less gauge


T25-12 VAC-PROBE Run Out Adapter

VAC-PROBE Run Out Adapter

Vac-Probe w/48" flexible hose connected to a heavy weight with 3/8" NPT hand pump connection adaptor.  Adaptor easily connects to a hand pump, or serves as a hose end weight when drawing oil from a can.
W/P no. Description
T25-12 For small General 1A style filters
T25-14 Large General 2A style filters
T25-16 For Fulflo FB4, FB6, FB8, FB10 filters
T25-18 For Firomatic C-40, C-50 filters



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