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 Electrodes & Flame Rods

Westwood ignitors and flame rods can be found in a large variety of burners and furnaces. We supply ignitors to OEM's such as R.W. Beckett, Wayne, Ducane, Powerflame and many others. We manufacture special custom ignitors in small and large quantities.  We also stock a variety of replacement ignitors for oil burners.  Shown below are only a few of the many types of ignitors, flame rods, and liquid level probes we manufacture.

Download and view our catalog Section E for a complete list of Ignitors and Flame Rods on our downloads page

Standard Ignitors  (complete list available for download)
Westwood manufactures and supplies thousands of different designs of "standard" ignitors.

Liquid Level Probes w/teflon seal

FRS-4-6 Flame Rods w/ Rajah™ SSN terminal

Ignitor w/brass bushing, o-ring & ceramic "spider"


Double ignitors


Auburn ignitors   (complete list available for download)


Pipe Ignitors


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